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What Is SalesFounders?

Podcast and training platform focused on helping startups generate scalable revenue.

Startup Strategy

Scalable sales growth requires a balance of marketing, messaging, salesmanship, and automation to ensure the customer moves efficiently through the sales cycle. Our sales strategy models will help you map a scalable system around your unique product or service.

Automation & Performance

Efficiency is key in today’s sales climate. We believe that your organization needs to be equipped with the best tools to find, educate, and close new business. Leveraging enablement tools, business intelligence, and sales automation will help you reduce customer acquisition costs and increase sales revenue.

Sales Training & Development

Our sales coaching programs are tailored to the changing needs of your startup. Sales training, gamification, KPI’s, and compensation plans are just a few of the components of our performance consulting. We’ll help you fill your sales floor with highly trained and motivated sales executives.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Working with SalesFounders has been one of the best investments we’ve made for our startup.  Brad immediately helped us identify some key items we were missing from our growth strategy. He exceeded our expectations with his ability to build a comprehensive sales strategy around our learning platform.  Not only did Brad help us translate a complex offering into a compelling message, but he also provided key insights into our company vision and long-term goals.  We came away more excited than ever to continue growing our company and we look forward to maintaining our relationship with Brad as we continue to scale.

JEREMIAH JONES | Co-Founder and CEO, Madra Learning

We engaged Brad to help us improve the design of an already successful account development program so it could scale to meet our future goals. Brad intuitively identified our challenges and implemented systems that enabled us to reach a new level of efficiency and performance. He assembled and lead an all-star account development team that consistently met and exceeded our aggressive growth forecasts. If you need help converting leads to fully qualified opportunities, Brad is as good as it gets.

RYAN WEDIG | President and CEO, PrinterLogic


Meet The Founder

When it comes to startup sales consulting, Brad Harker offers a powerful blend of proven industry experience and creativity. Brad is a consultant, author, and entrepreneur whose creativity and passion for problem solving has fueled a robust entrepreneurial background that includes more than a quarter-billion dollars in sales.

After publishing The Laws of Influence, Brad launched SalesFounders, a consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs implement strategies to bridge the startup sales gap and successfully transition into scalable sales revenue. Having trained and recruited thousands of sales professionals, Brad is an industry leader when it comes to challenging the organizational hurdles of recruiting, developing, and motivating high-performance sales talent.

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